France Quintessence

Spirits industry tradeshow in Paris

Mana’o Rum will be present at the Spirits industry tradeshow in Paris, France, Pavillon Ledoyen from 6th -7th September 2015.

Since the discovery of alcoholic distillation in the middle of the 12th century, France has produced some of the best spirits : absinthe/aniseed, bitter/gentian, armagnac, calvados, cognac, fruit brandy, fine and marc, gin, rum, vermouth/flavored wine, vodka or whisky. Not to mention many world-famous liqueurs. However, while the whole world praises our products and salutes our know-how, French liqueurs and spirits do not have or do not have the recognition they deserve in their own country. This can no longer last.

France Quintessence aims to put French liqueurs and spirits back in their rightful place : first in the hearts of connoisseurs, best in the most beautiful places (retailers, cafés, hotels or restaurants) and on the bill of all media. For two days, French producers will gather to showcase their immense know-how. In the magical setting of the Pavillon Ledoyen, on the most beautiful avenue in the world, plunge into the universe of taste and and quintessence.