Mana’o, the first Polynesian rhum agricole.

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After its beginnings more than 3 years ago, the Mana’o project has given birth to the first bottles of Polynesian pure sugar cane rum. As a purely local creation, produced from sugar cane from Taha’a, the first premium rum from the Fenua is a particularly attractive product both in terms of taste and value for money...

PNGRum lovers gave their verdict on Monday evening at Vaima, during the official presentation of Mana’o by Brapac. The product is "organic", "tasty" with very "light" and "floral" sugar cane aromas, and its characteristics are due to a special selection of sugar cane varieties and its own distillation process.
And to give birth to this product, the main actors of the project have searched the Polynesian valleys to find original sugar cane, as Olivier Duret, farmer and ambassador of the Mana’o brand explains.

The Tahaa plantation currently comprises three hectares of sugarcane. The sugar cane is grown on the Tahitian peninsula for the testing part and on Tahaa for the production. The Mana’o rum factory wanted to work with "traditional farmers" on "healthy" land, without pesticides. Two thousand bottles are already available for sale. Eventually, ten hectares of cane could be planted. This, at a rate of 5,000 bottles per hectare, would allow a production of 50,000 bottles per year.

Légende image 2The story of this product was born from family memories. Félix Bernardino, CEO of Brasserie du Pacifique, the parent company of the Avatea distillery and the Mana’o rum factory, admits that the challenge may have been "crazy", but the raw material was there... asleep.

The 70 cl bottle is sold at 3 950 Fcfp.