Exceptional soil

The sugar cane grows in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings.

The sugar cane is grown in the hills of Tahiti and the fertile valleys of Taha’a. It thrives in natural unspoilt surroundings enjoying optimum sunshine and an abundant supply of water.

The first Mana’o sugar cane was planted on the Toahotu plateau situated on the Peninsula of Tahiti. These lands, which had been preserved from intensive farming, were an essential factor in the setting up of an organic farming project. Opposite the lagoon in the fresh air of the plateau, the cane thrives on optimal conditions for development.

Plantation was then developed in Taha’a, the tiny island facing the spectacular lagoon of Bora Bora. Known as the ‘Vanilla Island’, Taha’a is dominated by wild and luxuriant vegetation and the Tiva Valley, on the western side of the island, provides an extraordinary setting for sugar cane to develop.